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    I have been reading a lot on the Cornish x's . What other kinds finis out quickley? How many weeks till put them up? I usully just can a few older layers , but I am thinking on getting 25 or 50 from mCmurray hatchery . If I get them quickley It should be cooler weather to butcher them & not interfere with deer season to bad [​IMG]
    what grows breed out quickley?

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    If fast grow out time is your criteria, you're not going to find any that finish faster than Cornish X (although I'd caution against getting them this time of year as they don't tend to do well in extreme heat). Freedom Rangers are another popular meat breed but although I've never raised them, my understanding is they take about twice as long as Cornish X (someone else correct me if I'm wrong). If you're not wanting Cornish X and don't mind waiting a little longer, you might look at Heritage Dual Purpose breeds.
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    Mine dressed out at 2.74 lbs each (average weight) with neck and giblets, but without the skin, at just under 5 weeks, and had put on another almost 3/4ths of a pound each at just under 6 weeks. And, are delicious!

    I don't think you can find anything much faster than cornish x -- anywhere from 3 and half to 8 weeks total time, depending upon whether you want cornish hen, fryers, broilers, or roasters.
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    My Freedom Rangers were 4+ pounds, without giblets, and with a lot of the internal fat removed, at 9.5 weeks. They were pastured (tractor plus area enclosed with electric fence). At this age, they were starting to pack on the internal fat. Next year I am going to get some similar bird (Kosher Kings? hard to say) for delivery mid-July, so that I don't have to pay for so much electricity to keep them warm, and can process during some more reasonable weather.


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    I read about them at mCmurray hachery. The comments on the cornishx place sold me.[​IMG]

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