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Mar 20, 2012
I have purchased my FIRST pair of peafowl approx. one month ago and have kept them pinned up inside an old corn crib to get them used to our farm. My question, when can I start to turn them out? What is some of the favorite foods I can put out to keep the birds 'home' and make it less likely to have them leave and to return to the corn crib for the night. Should I keep the food inside the corn crib or just outside it's door? Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated, lots of questions for this newbie :)


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Apr 11, 2012
Nova Scotia
I aclimated my birds by letting them out for a few short minutes at a time. Over time i would let them out longer and longer. I made sure to clip thier wings though, since they can use that to fly and get distance when trying to round them up. Just the primaries. Now I can let them out, without worry. (Though I cannot leave them alone in the yard completely because of our predators.) As long as they know where it is safe, dry and food is plentiful, you should be able to keep them around.


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Feb 10, 2008
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When we got our first pea's I had heard all the stories of turning them out and they were never seen again so I kept them in a netted over pen for about 3 months. When I did turn them out they did fine and didn't go anywhere. Ours stay in the pen with the exception of the oldest male, he goes out into the yard a couple times a day and checks things out. He follows me around when I cut the grass and any bugs that get stired up he jumps on.

Dry cat food, whole corn and hard boiled eggs (they like the yokes the best) are their favs. and they come running for all three.

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