time to turn the light out?

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9 Years
Sep 27, 2010
I have 16 chicks, all ranging from 6 weeks to about 8...getting to 30's at night, time to turn the light off at night? I do during the day, they are all fully feathered out and doing great...suggestions?
I personally would say, as long as your coop protects them from drafts and rain (I'm sure it does...) then it will be OK for you to turn out the light at night.

If you're a bit nervous about it, as temps are only in the 30s, why not leave the night light on them for a bit longer.....So you will sleep better.

Alot of times I just say, "Follow your mother's instincts" and your chicks will be fine.....
thanks...that was my thoughts also, we have converted part of our barn into our coop...they are uite toasty inside...our winters get to
-30*, but we are past that now, although still chilly...

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