timing and quantity of nest boxes

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  1. dma6473

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    Feb 28, 2011
    I have 22 rid pullets. Do I need 22 nest boxes? If not how many? My chickens are almost 7 weeks old, but we haven't built the nest boxes yet? Since they wont be laying in the near future can I put it off for a little while or do I need to get them done so they will get used to them?
  2. YYZ

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    Apr 16, 2010
    They wont use the nest boxes even if you make them now. Mine started laying at around 4- 5 months. And they all used the same nest box!
    They say 1 box for every 4 hens. ive read that on here. thanks to the helpful members.[​IMG]
  3. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    Agree. I just had one start at 17+ weeks, but 20 is probably a better average. I certainly wouldn't make them more than 4 nests. You can use many types of containers you may have lying around rather than buying wood and building something, if you want. Plastic bins (some like open top nests,) 5 gallon buckets, dollar store milk crates, discarded dresser drawers -- lots of things.
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    Jan 12, 2011
    I agree too. I have 11 hens and three nests. Before they were laying they never paid any attention to them so I think you can wait to build nests until they are closer to 18-20 weeks when the laying should begin. The hens occasionally use all three nests but much more often they all want the same nest at the same time. [​IMG] Lots of bickering on those days and sometimes two large fowl squeeze themselves in the same nest when the other two are empy....silly things. [​IMG]

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