Tiniest Little Gunchy On Shipped Egg/Can It Be Saved?


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Mar 5, 2008
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Honestly, this is our first batch of chicken eggs to try and incubate. They arrived at the post office in the middle of the night last night (shipped Tues. afternoon) and they held them there for us to pick up. The post mistress brought them out to my dh, the shipped box inside another box, being held oh so carefully-like there was nitro inside! That part was great.

All arrived in perfect condition, until I accidentally dropped one (I was a nervous wreck and my hands were shaking LOL) approx. four inches onto the bubble wrap I had laid out.

Unfortunately, it hit the handle of the scissor I was using to unpack them and it has the tiniest little gunchy in it. Arrrggghhh!

The membrane is not broken, it just has a dent. I thought I had read on this forum that people have used wax to reseal eggs and then gone on to hatch them. Is this something I can/should do? What type of wax do I use? (As a mother of 6 I have lots of crayons! LOL) JK!

We ordered 24 and received 30, so I can't cry too hard.
I just want them all to have a chance to fullfil their destiny!!!

I am acutally hoping to have at least 6 survive.....




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Mar 3, 2008
congratulations on the eggs! Depending on how bad it is, you can seal it with just plain paraffin wax, or plain candle wax. I'm not sure what all they put in crayons, so I wouldn't use those. Recently I had a cracked egg, worse than you describe, and it hatched without sealing. If the membrane isn't broken, I'd just leave it be.

good luck!!

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