Tiny Chick - What is your best guess??


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May 6, 2010
Southeastern Michigan
We just got a 2.5 week old Bantam and are unsure of the breed. This little one was half the size of the others that were the same breed, and all the same age. We think maybe a runt?? I know Bantams are small, but this guy is TINY. I have attached pics of it by itself and with my Buff Orps. the same age as it.
What is your best guess on breed?


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Mar 17, 2008
Old English Games come in every color under the sun and they're one of the tiniest bantam chicks and they're pretty common.

A lot of people say Easter Egger whenever they see that chipmunk pattern but I don't see fluffy cheeks or greenish legs and they're usually larger than OEGB.

Seramas are the smallest type of chicken, but they're not really common. My Seramas usually hatch out either light or dark and when they feather in is when the colors start to show.

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