Tiny eggs and eggs without shells. Something wrong?

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    The past three days we have had 3 tiny eggs and 3 eggs without shells. I don't know which chickens are laying them but is this something to be concerned about? I have read that chickens don't always lay perfect eggs when they are just starting to lay but I just want to make sure my hens are all OK. Today my brother found 2 of the eggs without shells while he was walking the dog, took the dog inside and went back to get the eggs out of the boxes and the hens were eating them. What does that mean? I have been getting a higher daily egg count lately so I'm pretty sure they are all laying by now. The only thing I have done differently was a couple days ago I started putting grit with their food and giving them scratch grains. Could that have something to do with the eggs? I didn't think I needed the oyster shells for stronger eggshells until now but if that will help, that is what I will have to do. BTW, the food I use is Purina Layena pellets.
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    What I do is I keek oyster shell available to them in the coop by tossing some in the run or in their feeder. I save all egg shells and crush them up to powder with a chopper I have and I will scramble them some eggs and add those powdered shells to it. I do this when they seem they meed a boost. They get Dumar layer pellets and Scratch Grains mixed with it. Some people give a handful of the scratch as a treat but I try to keep mine healthy and happy. They also get out a few times a week fo free range. Keeps down on the bug population and they also eat the spilled feed from other birds.

    One of my girls actually laid an egg with no shell. That was before I started using the oystershell. She was also a first time egg layer.
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