Tiny gnats in my duckling brooder.


Apr 5, 2018
So I hatches out muscovy ducklings the 14th. Just now when I cleaned it (I clean it every day) I found a hord of tiny pin sized gnats hanging out. They're so small I don't think I could see if they did lay eggs. Its freaking me out though because not everyone's umbilical stump has healed yet and I don't want them laying eggs on the ducklings or something. The brooder is inside but every summer there's always a fly problem in the house because my boyfriend's dad is a little bit more than a casual beer drinker and he gets a big tub of beer cans before he throws them outside for an old man who uses them for something or another to collect. It's honestly super gross because it breeds fruilfly and regular fly larva like crazy but he's stuck in his ways and not changing. What can I do to keep the bugs out of my brooder?
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