Tiny/"Runt" Duckling...


5 Years
Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
So after our chicken, Pebbles, hatched out all 9 ducklings on Wednesday, I noticed that we ended up with a tiny duckling. So far she/he doing excellent and always has a full crop at night when I help Pebbles lead them into the nesting box. She/he always the first out of the nesting box in the morning when I left them out.
I've decided that we're going to keep the runt and sell the other 8 ducklings. I know that there's a possibility of it being male but I don't want to end up selling it with another duckling if it doesn't make it. I would feel really terrible if the person who bought it ended up finding a dead duckling.

Also in case anyone is wondering about our flock; 7 hens, 5 ducks, and 1 drake. And yes, the duck flock is separated from the chickens.

What should I do once mama hen decides to no longer care for it??
Have you decided what yo do with it?

I was thinking 2 things: Can you keep 2 of them so it has a buddy the same age? Or can you sell him with another and explain the situation? Or maybe sell it with 2 others so that if it does pass, the buyers will still have 2?

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