Tiny tiny duck eggs...


7 Years
Aug 7, 2014
Hi all. This morning I found a really tiny duck egg (well what I think is a duck egg)-I wish I'd taken a picture of it but I just got rid of it thinking not much of it until now. It's really tiny, about the size of my fingernail, like a tenth the size of a normal duck egg (I have Campbells and Campbell x Runners so they usually lay big eggs). This happened about twice before and I thought it was a wild birds egg the first time because it was on the floor on it's own and so tiny. This time however it was in the nest with the big duck eggs and is the same colour as a duck egg. My ducks have just started laying again after stopping all Winter so I guess they are getting back into the swing of laying again.

Has anyone seen a duck egg this small before? I've never come across a chicken egg this small before and when I've looked online they've been small eggs people have found but not as small as the size of a thumbnail or wild birds egg! I have a drake so the eggs would be fertile so I wonder what on earth could hatch out of it if anything?! Could it be a wild bird egg? We do not have a cover for the pen and there are a lot of crows hanging about, do they steal eggs and put them in other nests? If it happens again I'll definitely take a photo so you can see how tiny these eggs are.
Its a Fairy Egg or a Fart Egg. It is a common thing in chickens, I think it can happen with ducks too. Especially the ones bred for year round egg laying.
Hmm yeh I already came across those when I was looking up about it, all the examples look about 2-3 times the size of the eggs I found though...

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