Tiny Wings.


In the Brooder
7 Years
May 14, 2012
Took out my girls and men (haha, still unsure which sex they are yet, but none the less, a pair would be perfect ;)) today out for a swim, and a run through the grass and back into the brooder (they loved it)

Just thought I would share this photo of one of the goslings tiny wings.. :) Their so freaking CUTE!

when I seen this pic, I gasped!!
They are sooo adroable!!!! Are they mallards? Man, GREAT pic! the sky and grass looks perfect with the puffy yellow ducks! too cute!

Our runners' wings were the last body part to grow.

If I recall correctly first it was the feet, then the body, then the head and bill, and finally the wings.
Hello sorry for the late reply ;)

There are 4 pekins there and 2 goslings! :) They are pretty big now! :)

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