Tip for Bleeding Foot Injuries

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    In case you dont know, if you have a bird whose foot is bleeding, from a cut or a broken toenail, you can stop the bleeding by applying pressure. Put your forefinger on the front of the bird's leg just at the foot juncture and your thumb on the back of the leg just above the foot and pinch. If you get your pinch in just the right spot, it clamps down on a blood vessel and stops the bleeding. And you know how much a broken toenail can bleed! Even blood stop powder is a joke in that instance. Just thought I'd mention this for those who are not aware. I had to do it just today with one of my Ameraucana hens, who broke off the bottom half of her toe and even the part that is the "quick" was torn. Poor Charlotte, she's got quills popping out all over because she's in molt and miserable as it is.
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    Thanks for the info...but poor girl! I hope she feels better soon!
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    Thanks Cyn will write that in my first aid chicken book.

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