Tip of eggs seem weak.

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    My 6.5 month old Sultan has been laying an egg every other day for about 2 weeks. I am noticing that the tip of the eggs have small cracks. Today's egg actually was cracked thru and open. Useless. [​IMG]
    When she lays, she starts at one end of the nest box and changes position like 4 times. My nest box is 3.5 ft long and about 17 inches deep. I only have 5 bantam hens and she is the only one laying right now. I figured one big nest box will keep them from fighting over one box.

    They eat grower feed (soon to change to layer-the 50# bag is finally gone!), get fruit and snacks and get to free range in our back yard all day. No fertilizers or chemicals are used on the grass or plants. They do that for me! [​IMG]

    I do not offer grit or oyster shell. I am thinking that I should. [​IMG]

    I am making a trip to the feed shop this week. They are closed on Sundays and are only open to 4 on Saturdays. [​IMG] Should I line the nest box with something? I have some left over rubber cushion counter liner. Perhaps that will help cushion the egg. She always kicks out the shavings so the egg is on the wood, not the shavings.

    Also, silly question....when the egg comes out, which part comes out first, the pointed end or the rounded end? [​IMG]
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    Yes, your nest box is too too big, get some thing to line big end of egg out first, yes shell is needed to add calcium!

    Best of luck in your chicken care! Nancy

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