Tip on happy chicks

Silkies are naturally pretty friendly. I tend to handle mine a lot and they usually grow up to be super friendly. I also always use a little chicky call to let them know that foods coming. That way when they're older and they hear the call they come running. It's pretty funny seeing a little chicken stampede coming to get their snacks!
This is my first post on BY Chickens. This weeks delivery of chicks will be my first time as an adult
...We are so excited. Got the mini dog cage ready and secured for the little ones, new feeder, new water. been reading like crazy to get prepared and in addition need to have the chicken shed built in the next month or so...jumping in peeps first!

Have a mixture of Ameraucana, Buff Orpington, Black Jersey Giant, Silver Lace Wyandotte and Black Silkies. I plan on keeping them in my sewing room for a few weeks to get them used to us and the dogs...Wish me luck

Other than the silkies (personal preference, no reflection on yours), you chose some really good breeds for a first timer (as an adult). Woo hooo!

My bathroom - the only one in the house - is my Nursery. Being an older person, I do spend some time in there as a regular (HA!) course of living, so it's great to visit with fuzzbutts at the same time. Plus, it's easier to keep clean than any other room in the house. I <*ahem*> don't keep lids on my brooders usually, and love it when the babies start to fly up to the edge of the brooders and perch there. Then they begin to explore the bathroom..... It's so cute when I open the door and find a chick standing in the middle of the bath mat, with an expression like "Whut?!?! I wuz just checkin' things out."

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