Tipping Eggs you collect for hatching?

Feathered Wings

11 Years
Oct 9, 2008
I was on another thread and they were talking about incubateing old eggs.
My oldest egg i have had successfully hatched in the past was 16 days old.
I typically wrap mine in plastic wrap until i incubate them to retard moisture loss. (Gail Damerow's chicken health handbook page 209)
I don't tip my eggs i just store them in cartons till i collect enough to go in the incubator. My typical hatches have been between 75 to 95 percent
My first hatch this year was bad too many infertile {lazy Roosters} and my Humidity was to high i hadn't used a hygrometer last year. I realized now that i was dry incubating and didn't even know it so i'm going back to the dry incubating it worked well for me. (my second hatch this year was lost due to power outage lost 63 eggs)

But my question is about the tipping of the eggs on this thread a man said he didn't think tipping was necessary as a hen doesn't tip her eggs before she becomes broody.
Now this got me to thinking about my hens and what they typically do when they lay (yes i watch it's fun).
I do see them rolling the eggs that they are sitting on when they are waiting to lay their egg.

So my question is this has anyone tried tipping and hatching and then not tipped and hatched and what the results was?

I would really like to hear everyones experience about this as it could very well change how i do my hatching eggs i collect.

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