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Apr 14, 2014
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hey o, I started mushing a while ago and I need tips please also where is a good place to run mushing harnesses? I've been looking on different websites and can't find a kind I like
i run a really weird team. 2 Alaskan Huskies, 2 labs, and a border collie
i plan to breed the Alaskans when my little girl goes into heat. have you ever heard of Laura Daugereau? that's who 1 of my huskies came from. he my only dog that ran the Iditarod! YOUR DOG IS SO CUTE by the way. it is exiting to know I'm not the only musher!
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Thanks. She alone pulls 40lbs. My brother wants to breed her with a white blue eyed stud. But..... Who know may be one day. I'm adding a Australian Shepard to my team, my lab mix is on( until the snow came, she got ran over when she was 6 months then got preg, we had to get her an abortion.
She mothers a stuffed horse for 8 weeks. Lol

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