Tips for amalgamating chickens

Jun 1, 2018
hey guys looking for tips and tricks on intergrating littles with bigs. My littles are 10 weeks and my bigs are 18 weeks. My bigs are huge compared to the littles! I’ve heard of just plopping new birds on the roost during night time. It’s worked for me before but I only had 3 hens and a roo when I added in my first batch of 12. Now I’m adding 8 to 14 with 4 being Roos. Just a little nervous the bigs might seriously injure or kill the littles. I currently have some littles in a cage in the bigs coop. No one is interested in each other so I guess that’s a good thing. The coop is large like 12x8 with multiple roosts. Anyone else have any advice? I trying to get rid of some of the bigs particularly my Roos but it just hasn’t worked out yet. Should I just wait and keep them separate? It’s so much more work.
I recently did this to introduce my one silkie hen to my 4 australorps. She was kept in a smaller cage in their coop for 3 days, then I let her out at feeding time and everyone ate together and were happy.

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