Tips for cleaning out the coop??

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6 Years
Dec 3, 2013
Hey everyone :). So tomorrow I have to clean out the coop... Just wondering if anyone had any tips to make it easier, faster, cleaner, etc. Thanks! :)
With my coops I tend to poop scoop under where the ladies tend to roost in their coops when they are out free-ranging in my garden, daily. I also sprinkle a bit of diatomaceous earth to prevent any nasty bugs, in addition to adding a bit of new bedding to make up for what I took out. By doing this I can drastically cut down how often I need to fully "gut" their bedding in the coop since I'm getting rid of the vast majority of the poop quickly. It only takes a few minutes out of the day, and it keeps the coop so much fresher!

In their run, I poop scoop every night after they go to bed inside the coop and use a rake to fluff up their bedding so it stays fresh longer.

Also, wear a mask when changing the bedding! I use aspen and it kicks up looooots of dust. Breathing in all that grossness isn't exactly the best thing ever, so why not avoid it?

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