Tips for incubating in foam incubator

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by beetandsteet, Oct 2, 2015.

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    Hi all! I am currently on day 11 of incubation! Set 24 eggs, one early quitter, and one infertile, so I've got 22 in there now. I'm using a little giant 9200 with a forced fan, and I'm doing a dry hatch. If anyone has any tips for me that'd be fabulous!
    One problem I experienced when incubating the last time was that when I added water, the temperature would drop, and as the water dried out the temperature would rise. Anyone else had this problem? How to I avoid this? Even though I'm hatching dry, I am going to need to add some water during lockdown. TIA! :)
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    Yes. It's typical, (at least in the 9200 as that's what I use) that as the humidity goes down the temp goes up. I run dry when possible, but at certain times (fall and winter season) I have to add a sponge to keep my humidity at the 30% I like and when I notice my temp start to creep up I check the humidity and sure enough, it's usually because I need to wet the sponge.

    At lock down I fill my water wells and add wet sponges at screen level and just adjust my temp to the higher humidity. Many people run a degree lower at lockdown/hatch, so I wouldn't worry about a degree, but I usually adjust mine back up because I'm not a hands off hatcher so I loose a degree or so naturally as they start hatching anyway. Also many people add warm water when adding water to help keep temps stabalized too.
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