Tips for Tough Times--and real help

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    With the mercury about to dip below zero degrees in many areas there is help available...

    If you need assistance with Oil and Oil Deliveries contact Citizen's Energy--they will give you up to $300 towards fuel delivery if you qualify

    you have a broken furnace, are in danger of having no fuel or need emergency assistance with repairs or have a shut off notice--there are Crisis grants available to help you and assistance is usually available within 24 hours--each state has various guidelines but it is a Federal program to help Americans keep warm

    If you don't have money for groceries--assistance is available and benefits are paid on a Debit type card--so your neighbors won't see what you are using to pay and there should be no embarrassment.

    All of these programs allow you to check eligibility online in private so you will know whether they can assist you and your families. These are grants which never have to be paid back and don't require liens or credit checks...

    Please stay warm, dry, fed, and safe....

    If anyone else has extra resources please post them for our chicken family...

    God Bless Us Everyone...[​IMG]
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    Nice tips for those in need. I work for social services, we often provide documents and links to people so they can access resources such as this. Thank you, Tina
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    Great information. Thanks for posting.

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