Tips on how to bathe a chicken


Crossing the Road
Sep 11, 2018
Kansas USA
I know, I should have asked this earlier but, today is one of my chickens first shows, and I have no idea how to bathe her. We have had a lot of rain recently so you can imagine how desperately she needs a bath. Can someone give me some pointers?


May 16, 2015
It’s so easy ,
Fill a mop bucket or Rubbermaid tub with warm water , you can use dog shampoo or dish soap .I set it in the kitchen sink for my sore back , have big fluffy towels ready and a blow dryer

Hold them wings down and slowly lower her in , as the warmth calms her whe will relax and most enjoy it :)


Jul 8, 2018
Baltimore County, MD
Similar to above, but I don't use the bucket of water because they usually poop at least once. I just get the water warm in my kitchen sink, put the chicken in the sink and start spraying them on their feet, work my way up to the rest of them and get them good and wet. By this point they are typically very relaxed. Then I get my dish soap and lather it into them. I try to really get down to the skin, it's amazing how dense their feathers can be. Once they're all lathered up, I start rinsing them off starting at the neck and working back. They generally love this the whole time and I can work with two hands while they stand there. If they poop, I just spray it down the drain. Rinse extra good because their feathers hold a lot. Then I towel dry as good as possible and then blow dry. They LOVE the blow dryer. Make sure to keep it moving and sometimes I have to alternate between warm and cool settings if they start panting. In my limited experience with chicken bathing, even the almost feral ones relax with the warm water and warm air on them.

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