Tips on how to get welsh harlequin ducklings

Aug 17, 2019
Middle of North Carolina
So to get the I rather want to get eggs or get young ones. Which ones should I get. Should I order them online and get them shipped? I live in mid North Carolina. Are there any farms near me that could sell those. Also give me any info on welsh harlequins. Thanks in advance
I keep a small flock of female WH. I got mine through a special order from our local feed store and from a local farm. You can look online for hatcheries that breed them.

I have been very happy with this breed. They are pretty good layers, especially when younger. They are generally quiet, which is good for me being in a neighborhood. They are not easily upset or disturbed. Mine are not unfriendly. The ones I reared from day-old ducklings are less leery of me than the adults I got a few months ago. None of them enjoy being handled, but all of them will tolerate it. I just have to have a very calm demeanor. I don't handle them if I don't have to, just because they don't really like it. If I wanted them to be more "friendly," I could win them over in time by hand-feeding treats, but I'm happy with them the way they are.

They are entertaining to interact with and to watch. All have been really healthy except for when a raccoon got into their pen and killed one and injured the rest. All of the ones still living survived and recovered, but the most injured hasn't resumed laying. That's why I added to the flock. We rely on the eggs because my husband is allergic to chicken eggs.

I would absolutely get WH again.
I have a Welsh Harlequin pair absolutely love them. They are one of the quieter breeds that I have. Question is do you want to show or mainly just as a pet? My 2 wh came from a breeder that shows the breed so they are gold standard.

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