Tips on rehoming a rooster?


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I have a rooster who needs to be rehomed fast. Since he is four months no one I know wants to eat him. The few people who have chickens I know don't want a rooster. I called all the feed stores and they are overrun with rooster fliers. I also have ads up on Craigslist and got one response asking if I would deliver-which I said I would then no response back. I also called all the rescue places and they told me to bring him to SPCA. In my head I wanted to try to give it more time but he is terrorizing the dog and as of yesterday afternoon started crowing uncontrollaby. My neighbors are ****** and I can't blame them when he started before 6am today. I hate bringing him to the pound but I don't know what else to do. The other problem is I know people who live in town are not allowed to own roosters so no one close can even have him. The hatchery we got our chickens from threw in some extras-he was an extra. Any other suggestions?
Sorry to hear that, it sounds like the SPCA might be your only choice. We have a local family from India that will take roosters and hens from us that are any age, for eating. As long as it's free, they don't care. But if you're in a hurry, the SPCA might be your best bet. Good luck on finding a place for him!
Yeah-I put on Craigslist that he is free range and eaten only organic to see if someone wanted to eat him. No dice. Sad because we live in the Bay Area and most places you can't even have a rooster. Part of my wants to drive up near the state park because there are tons of chickens and wild turkeys roaming around. I think he may have a better chance than the pround. should try craigs list one more time and advertise free. You need to find someone who is willing to eat your excess, it is the responsible thing to do. I don't think I could turn over a bird to the humane society either. Good meat gone to waste. You do not eat chicken?
Yeah he was/is in Craigslist for free. I even said I would give food and a crate and deliver. My one lead fell through when he decided he can't have another rooster. I do eat chickens. I just don't think I could eat this one. I need to get over that but I am having a hard time getting past it.
IMO I would just do the deed and bury him. If your advertising him for the soup pot why put him through the stress. Especially if he is your pet.
I would not recommend letting him free into the wild. Domesticated animals often starve to death as they have no clue how to find food, shelter or water. Plus all the predators...

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