Tips on Trapping Raccoons in Havahart traps.

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    So we've been having a hard time catching the coons that are slaughtering our flocks. We would put the marshmallows in the back of the trap, or the peanutbutter sandwich, whatever bait we chose to use, and we'd wake up in the morning and most of the time the bait was still there.

    Then there were the times the bait was gone (licked a jar of fluff clean to the glass, heck my dishwasher can't even get it that clean lol) and the trap was turned over on its side, but not tripped..weird. And this trap is trigger sensitive!

    Called Fish and Game and they gave me some great advice.

    -Wire the top of the trap up, so that it WONT trip.
    -Keep it baited.
    -Keep it covered.
    -Lyme in front of the trap (wont stop the coons/weasels) and you'll see the footprints of whatever is going in and out.

    His theory was this would get the coon used to the trap being “safe” for them, and then when we unwired the top and set it back up as usual, we'd trap a coon.

    So we did it, but my hubby took it a step or two further.

    First we did what the Fish and Game officer said. Leaving food in the trap, with the top wired so it wouldn't shut.

    The first couple days, nothing. The next couple days, the food was gone EVERY time. Now that they felt safe, we moved on to resume trapping.

    To prevent them from picking the trap up (and turning it on its side to get the food out) my husband some how temporarily secured the trap to the ground. He TIED a jar of peanutbutter, no lid of course, to the very back of the trap, so that when the coon step in, it would REALLY have to work to get that peanutbutter, thus trippng the trap and closing them in.

    And we kept the trap covered. Maybe we didn't need to, but I like this in case we catch a skunk...

    We had a coon in there the next morning.

    All this wont be necessary for everyone to do, but where I live, apparently the coons are weary of these traps, they are obviously smart, and have some idea to stay away...making them feel safer to lure them into the trap and making them work for the food once they're in there, has definitely helped us catch them. We're still catching them. If we get a lull, we start over again, tie the top up again, bait them for a few days, and once the food starts disappearing....we undo the wire again, and boom: another coon.

    The tied jar of peanut butter works great too, because even though one of the trapped coons finished the peanut butter, we just throw sardines and marshmallows in the jar so the coons still have to work for it.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share incase anyone else is having problems catching them...its frustrating when you KNOW they're there and just can't get 'em trapped. Maybe this will work for you. Anyone else with tips, especially those with a lot more experience at this then I have, would be great!!!

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