Aug 19, 2019
Statesboro, GA, USA
I'm currently in the process of getting a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, and I'm starting to have another flare up after a month of relatively easy living. I live in Southeast Georgia (heat index of 100°+ and very high humidity), and I'm constantly getting overheated, which is what I think caused this flare up.

I've been trying to predator proof my coop, but by 10 am, it's already too hot for me. My husband has been working crazy hours/ out of town a lot, so I'm doing a lot of it by myself. I've already learned one lesson: do the hard, physical labor in the fall or winter!

Are there any more tips any fellow MSers or sympathizers can give to make summer chicken care a little easier? Any lessons you've learned? Or are there any other problems you've had that you haven't found a solution for?
Please try posting on the "my leukemia is back," thread ." It started with that and has grown to encompass any and all diseases or illness etc. A lot of activity and responders.
Lots of :hugs, support.

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