Tired of changing your birds poopy water??!


8 Years
Jun 11, 2011
Central California
We were too! We have several automatic watering systems available that we are currently using for our multiple pens. I can't tell you how much time, energy and money I am saving not having to buy cheap watering options that leak and get fouled easily! Not to mention all the litter my chicks were consistently kicking into their waterers!! So frustrating!! After installing my Drip Chick II, my husband is my new hero.... :)

I found something that works well for my little flock. My hatchery had 5 gallon buckets with a cup waterer mounted toward the bottom. I just fill the bucket, and it's gravity fed. Much healthier. I was having problems with illness in my flock, and I think this has helped.
Such a time saver huh? I love it! When you have as many birds as we do, it was taking hours just to feed and water everyday. Just to clean out all the waterers was a major chore! I would find as soon as I would clean it, the birds would go over and "scratch" near it flinging all sorts of gunk right into their water again. :( Sooooo frustrating! You're right Ann, definitely healthier for the birds too! :)

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