'Tis the season to be hatching! **Pic Heavy!**


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Aug 28, 2009
Hello all!

Here at the farm we are having a bad case of broodiness going around, so we have some fresh new chicks to show off! Some from a seasoned mother (3 years running, here on out referred to as Eunice), some from a mother that was hatched by Eunice (her name is Winnie, and she has had 1 previous brood). I also have 2 other hens (Wyandottes, no names) that I think are trying to brood, but have not been set with eggs yet. I had a hen earlier in the year that brooded outside (without my knowledge, I thought she was attacked) and she hatched one chick and it died. So, I have 3 BO roosters, and I have the following breeds of hens: BO, GLW, SLW, BR, Leghorn, GSL (Eunice), and a GSL X BO (Winnie).

So, without further ado, here is the clans so far!

Eunice's clan... I was so proud of her this year because her two previous years, she has hatched only 1 chick. One of which was Winnie, and the other chick died after she had raised it. This time, she got 7!! They are now a week and a half old.

Group shot (sort of)

I have 2 like this, I believe them to be BO roo, over BR hens (because they are the only breed that produce black chicks) And they would be black sex links, so these two are hens (pullets)

I have 2 like this, and I believe them to be BO roo, over Wyandotte hens. Wyandottes produce chipmunk colored chicks.

And two like this. I think they are pure BO.

And the last one was pure white when hatched. I thought that it was a BO roo, over Leghorn hen. I was almost positive and then it started feathering out funny. Any ideas?

And then there is Winnie's clan... This is her second brood. Last year, she had 5 chicks, all raised successfully, but then they seem to all die pretty fast after that. 2 hens, 3 roos. I have 1 roo left.

This is a black sexlink chick (BO X BR), so it is a male. I won't be keeping him, but in the meantime he is cute! She also had a sexlinked female, but that one's pic didn't come out good. It looks the same as the two black chicks above.

2 or 3 Orpington chicks (can't tell, she is protective).

2 Wyandotte chicks

Quick question for y'all: There was one chick (one of the BO's) that I help from the shell, it was all but dead when I found it. so I brought it inside because she wouldn't let it in the nest, I heated it up with a heat lamp, fluffed it with my fingers and took it back out, but in the process I noticed a "blob" on it's belly, where the umbilical cord should be. It looked scary so I wanted to ask if it looked OK to you...

And a close up:

Before anyone asks, yes, I am POSITIVE that is NOT the vent. I located that separately. It is DEFINITELY where the umbilical cord attached.

Thanks guys!
All such cute babies! And the last one that is a little of the yolk sack that didn't get absorbed. I should heal up on it's own in time.
So CUTE!!! I am brand new to chickens and did not have the opportunity to get them as little cute fuzzballs like that. DARN!!

I got my 6 girls at 6 weeks of age. Only one of them will let me pick her up... the rest some to me knowing I have treats, but they (so far) do not want me to handle them in any way, shape or form. I do not want to stress them out, but at the same time, I would like to have them used to me and not be scared of me. Any advice for this newbie??
Hmm, well Jenn, I have heard people say that the chicks are scared of the shape of your hand, so the solution is to put a gardening or medical glove stuff with cotton balls or anything similar, that puffs it up. Put it in their pen/cage, on a stick. And leave it there, then you could put some food or treats on it. Then after about a week, you can wear the other glove and they should be too afraid of you (especially if you put their favorite treat on it
)! I haven't ever actually tried this method, but know people who swear by it!

Oh and BTW, thanks everyone for the compliments! I love it so much more when the mommy chicken raises them! I have 5 chicks in my room and I can't wait for them to go outside!
Yes, she did take it back, but the little one doesn't look so good. It is kind of sleepy looking, and not active at all. The other chicks play with me, etc, but this one just lays in the corner of the box. It peeps when I pick it up but it won't open it's eyes.

Oh, and I hope that you get eggs soon!!
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