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  1. Hello Everyone! We are a military family moving to Fort Campbell (Montgomery County TN) in the spring. We are currently in Belgium, looking for property and in the planning phase for our Mini Farm / Homestead! We are both originally from Ohio and after 20 years finally getting to a post close enough...but not to close to our families! lol "We love a close another city!" We are looking in the Woodlawn area, where we plan to make our forever home. This is a challenge for us since we both have never lived in the area, and we are overseas Oh the challenges of being a military family! Input would be great! I look forward to getting to know all of you, and learn from you. My husband and I are both green to this lifestyle and are so excited about planning our flock!
    I am sure will have some silly questions...and will probably fail miserably at first...but it could make for great entertainment for ya'll!
    Dawn- MrsTnFrugal Farmer!
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