To assist or not to assist, that is the question.


Apr 20, 2020
I’m hatching guineas for the first time and all seven made cracks by yesterday morning. They had not broken through the membrane. 4 have since broken through and hatched with one needing assistance due to shrink wrapping. I have another thread with this
I think the shrink wrapping was due to the egg getting knocked near the corner of the incubator. That being said, I still have three eggs that at this point only have cracks. Should I help them out or give them more time? All the eggs have been knocked all over the place by the hatched keets.
Last three eggs still haven’t broken the membrane. At least one egg was rocking a little. I took the hatched keets out so that the others weren’t kicked about like soccer balls.
I’ve been looking at that article. I just opened the air cell on one of them that already had a small break in the membrane and it still has veins... I put it back in and am hoping it doesn’t dry out further. It did look pretty dry inside the egg though so I doubt it’s going to be able to get out on its own.
This is day 26. 4 hatched already but obviously these are not ready yet. I thought the were since they all had breaks in the shells. Humidity is at 74% right now and temp is about 99.5. It’s a forced air incubator. I already had to assist one keet that was getting stuck (that’s the pic I posted) I helped him get some wiggle room so he could pop out. I’m wondering if the fan is too strong or something.

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