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Jan 27, 2009
Mt Airy, NC
Well, we have our first incubator of Coturnix eggs started. Now on day 3. I'm using instructions from the "notable posts / archive" sticky on this forum.

We use a Hovabator 1602, to which I've added a computer fan to make it forced air. Has worked fine for chicken eggs....we'll see on the quail. (Yea, I know, the 2 are not the same. Thanks for all the mention of that in other threads.)

We have an egg turner. I bought quail trays for it. We figured why go small and filled the trays with 120 eggs that were collected over a 4-5 day period. The varieties are brown, golden, tuxedo, tibetan.

We're holding at 99 - 101°. The variation depends on nighttime room temps and when water is added. I'm doing my best to hold the humidity in the 40s...when it drops into the 30s I'm adding water, and it spikes to the low 50s after water additions get balanced.

I have quail egg cartons and thought of using those at lockdown/hatch time. They're pulp type cartons, if that matters.

Any advice / comments would be appreciated. Thanks....Kim
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I just leave mine in the turner I kina wait until the turner is positioned upright then unplug it but the rest of what you posted has been working for me mostly for bobs and coturnix when I tried hatching gambles I reduced the humidity slightly as per Leyland hayes hth

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