To Bubble wrap Or not to Bubble wrap?


10 Years
Feb 24, 2009
I do not Bubble wrap My Hatching eggs, as this may cause suffocation to the embryo. How does everyone else feel about Bubble wrapping Hatching eggs?
WE believe in bubble wrap.

We do leave the ends unwrapped. Lots of packing peanuts firmly surrounding eggs, and between layer.

Works for us.

Bubble Wrap - 1
No Bubble Wrap - 1
I believe in bubblewrap also. I wont purchase eggs unless they are individually bubblewrapped.

Me too!
It has been proven that bubblewrapping like this (burrito style) does not harm eggs during shipping.
And as a bonus, it is proven that eggs wrapped that way are not likely to get broken / damaged during shipping.

Save yourself an unpleasant surprise and ASK your seller 'how they wrap and pack eggs for shipping'.


Bubble wrap! My hatch rates are always poor when the eggs come without bubble wrap!

I always ship with lots of bubble wrap and get great feedback results from my shipped eggs.

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