To crack one open or to not...


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Feb 19, 2011
Hernando, FL
Have 18 Silkie eggs and 14 SLW eggs in my Hovabator 1588. Tons of development with the Silkies but nothing with the SLWs. I'm only on Day 5. I am wondering if I was shipped unfertile eggs or if all the air cells were completely destroyed in these SLWs. Should I crack one open and see what's going on, or should I wait it out???? They are darker, mottled eggs...hmmmmmmm. Thoughts?
Hmmm, I think I would wait till day 7 or even 10. It is very hard to see early development in darker eggs, so sometimes they need some extra time. Detatched aircells are a big problem when it comes to shipped eggs- its the post office, they toss the boxes sooo much. I always get a few with bad aircells. Sometimes the chicks still hatch though, so I always give them a chance.

If you decide to open any, you'll want to wait, and keep the egg out at least 12 hours at room temp before opening up the egg that was in the bator since the yolk will be all hot and runny and wont hold shape for you to look for the fertile bulls eye. You probably wont be able to see if the aircell was messed up though.
If you got your eggs from a BYC'er, I wouldnt worry about fetility- BYC'ers have a reputation to maintain, and are a pretty darn honest bunch. I've ordered eggs from a few of them and NEVER had any fertility issues. The only problems I've ever had are PO related only.

I wouldnt give up on your eggs just yet- sometimes its hard to tell at first when its early. Give 'em some more time.

Oh and check your temps, a low temp can make the eggs develop slower, or not at all (sorry if ya already knew that!
) .
Step away from the bator!

Five days is nothing. I've had eggs where I didn't see development until day 7 or 8. Almost tossed, but I wanted them too badly.

Find a good book. Every time you want to touch those eggs, go read a chapter.

Might need to find a couple of books. Eggs take 21 days!

DreamcatcherAcres is probably stressing over those Silkie eggs since she's waiting to see if my lone Silkie egg (so far) is gonna give her a birthday present.
You guys are too funny! Ok. Stepping away from the bator for now. The SLWs are just going to have to sit in there and get their chance! Thanks for the replies!
Unless you smell funk leave them in until right before lockdown. Candle. The ones that are viable (which should be obvious) lockdown. I am always heartbroken when people report breaking open an egg prematurely to find that it was fine.
Just be patient.
And sometimes you *do* have late hatchers - for whatever reason (temp, shipped, etc.).

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