To cull or not?


Jan 16, 2018
So my husband brought the topic up. Who culls their flock when they no longer get eggs? I've had mine for almost a couple years now and i can't even think of eating them


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It's really a personally decison. Some can't afford to spend extra on feed and others keep them as basically pets with benefits. Although from what you've said I'm guessing you've already made the 2nd choice. I personally haven't come to that point yet(I just got my first egg yesterday!) but I'll probably end up keeping them as pets.
We process our spent hens. It's a matter of space and economics. If I want to keep chickens that lay in my flock, I have to remove those who don't.

I don't think there is a right or wrong answer here. Those who keep chickens as pets are likely to keep them after they stop laying. Those who keep them as livestock will not.
Actually it's not a bad idea to talk about these things ahead of time... it would be bad after 3 years for him to suddenly ask when he can expect some chicken and dumplings! But there's no right or wrong... as long as you're treating them humanely they're already living a better life than any factory bird.
I would imagine, that all of us keep a few till the end, a favorite bird for whatever reason. However, they do get old, in pain and cranky. Culling is hard work, mentally and physically, but sometimes it is the coup de grace too. Sometimes it is necessary for the peace of the flock.... and as my darling granddaughter says, "Well, now we can get chicks!"
For me, I won't be taking any life because they've stopped laying. I'm too attached. I get it if you are an active farm..but I'm not..just a hobby farmer.
As said, it's a personal choice.
Some people care for their chickens, and let them live a good life. But choose to process them, nothing cruel involved in that.
If a chicken was kept in a situation that was similar to a factory farm, and cruelly killed, of course I would not approve of that.

In my own personal preference though, I prefer to let my chickens live out their natural lives. I have enjoyed my flock as pets for 5 years now, and don't plan to do any differently :) I have 9 year old chickens all the way down to 9 month old chickens.

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