To Day is Day 18

Ole Mule

12 Years
Nov 5, 2007
South Carolina
I took my turner out and set my eggs in a carton the same way they were in the bator all five of them 4 welsummers and 1 yard bird. Now the long wait. They are one big dark mass in the shell hope everything is OK with them but Sunday will tell.

Iwill not open my bator I Will Not I Will Not open my bator until Late Monday or Tuesday. Its in Mother Natures hands Now. All I will do is watch the temp and the humidity adjust as needed.
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jj ranch

11 Years
Jan 13, 2009
im on the same day and hoping that mine turn out as well. last hatch was a nightmare because of low temps the whole time
but so far i think it will be fine. you would think it would be easy all the time huh?!
good luck!!!!!!

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