To Drain an Eggshell...

country flock

9 Years
Oct 23, 2013
First of all, excuse me if this is the wrong category for this post... I wasn't sure where exactly it should go.

One day as I was walking through the woods, I came across an egg by the creek. Lying in the mud with no sign of a nest, mother, or fellow egg.

The human brain is interesting in more ways than one. It can come up with the weirdest ideas. Like thinking a goose egg is an ostrich egg at first glance.

But back to my story. Upon candling this dirty egg, I say that the contents were unlike any I'd ever seen: a strange mixture of unevenly splotched dark and light patches. I immediately concluded that it was rotten. Because I was so fascinated by its gigantic size in comparison to my Silkie eggs, I decided to try my hand at draining the contents, so I could keep the shell at least.

I'll give you some tips and pointers about draining eggs in a little while.

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