To Help or Not To Help? that is the question!


5 Years
Oct 9, 2014
It's 2 :27 in the morning and my egg has stopped peeping... it had a few holes and I could see movement.. then it stopped for about an hour... so I said he's gonna need help... he's been trying all day to get out. I peeled off a little shell and the bird was dry as card board... UGH... so after reading some books... I though okay let's wet it... it came to life and is peeping away in the bottom of the incubator but I noticed it was not fully developed in the stomach area. So... I can't stand to here em peeking from my bedroom.... maybe I'm not good at this. Sadness... sorry... going to bed with ear plugs. Oh.. back to my question what should I have done? I was thinking of wrapping the egg in a damp paper towel to give it extra moisture.... but please any suggestions. I can't adjust the humidity to high because i have other eggs at different stages.

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