To Help or Not to Help, to Live or to Die? Help me, please?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by BrainyChick, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Absolutly Yes

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  2. Yes, if the chick seemed strong enough.

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  3. Maybe a little, but it's mostly up to the chick.

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  4. Absolutly Not

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  1. BrainyChick

    BrainyChick Out Of The Brooder

    So I have eggs that should be hatching in about 5 days. My mom used to get the incubator from the educational thing and hatch some out once a year wih her class, but other than that, I haven't done it myself. She says under no circumstance should you help a chick out of its shell, because if its too weak to hatch, it will be too weak to survive. I have also heard other people say sometimes the chick is too big to move around very well inside and peck itself out, and there's always the chance of twins which is even harder. So my question is, do you help it if it looks like its making progress, there is a very small amount of blood if any, or you hear loud peeping from inside? I'm so nervous about this and it's starting to worry me as to what to do. I want to help a chick that is strong enough, but I don't want to A. hurt the chick getting it out or B. go against mother nature and loose the chick to the other chicks, disease, etc.
    Also, if you say yes, please tell how such as what to use, how much shell to remove, etc.

    addition: I have ten 2 week old chicks right now..
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  2. minpinmama

    minpinmama Chillin' With My Peeps

    Dec 24, 2010
    I was wondering the same thing just yesterday and some folks posted to this same question here:

    I'm a newbie but here's my .02 cents for what it is worth.
    I did help three out the other day, one did die today, I kind of expected it, however the other two
    are doing terrifically. If you read all you can (such as online and as many posts as you have time to read on BYC's,
    watch youtube videos watching what others have done
    and I don't mean one or two, I mean a dozen, if you have other animal experiences and a lot of common sense
    I would say go with your gut.
  3. BrainyChick

    BrainyChick Out Of The Brooder

    Thanks so much, I'll take this advice [​IMG]

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