To incubate or not incubate

Incubate or let the hens raise them

  • Go natural and let the hens raise them

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  • Use an incubater

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6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
I am thinking of making an incubater to raise chicks I intend to buy.

My grandson says just let the hens lay eggs and let them hatch and raise the chicks.

Will his method work?
A hen is easier but you can't make a hen go broody. The hormones have to kick in to cause them to want to raise a family.
Some breeds go broody more often than others. Cochins, Orps, Silkies, Javas, Brahmas, Penedesencas to name a few.
A hen doesn't need electricity, thermometers and hygrometers.
If the hens aren't broody, they won't sit on the eggs. If you aren't sure that your hen(s) are broody, I would make/buy an incubator since it is more reliable. If you do have a broody hen that has been exposed to a roo, then it is much easier.

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