To keep a roo or not

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14 Years
Apr 8, 2008
SW Indiana
This year, I purchased several baby chickens from one hatchery. Of the chooks, there are 5 or so roosters. I had planned on keeping one of them figuring that I have 3 pullets of the same breed. Then, after reading a post, it occurred to me since I got these all in the same batch they could be brother/sister. So now I'm not sure whether I should keep any of these roosters or not. What do you think?
This is just a guess but I would think they have many hundreds or thousands of eggs processed daily at the hatchery so the probabilities of being brother/sister are small. It would be in their interest to guard against selling inbred eggs or eggs too closely related for a healthy flock.
I agree, hatcheries have SO many eggs, and they ship them out by who hatches that day.... it's a slight chance they are related, but probably not... what breed are they?
Buff Orpington. I also have a pair of speckled sussex and a pair of SLW's but only want to keep one rooster. Since I have more of the orpington's I thought those would be the better ones to keep. I have a cochin that likes to go broody....

Thank you for responding. I was hoping it would be okay to keep one of the orpington roosters.
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