To keep a secret or not to keep a secret (should I ask to keep chickens or lay low.)

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by Rabbitlover1, Apr 26, 2016.

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    Mar 20, 2016
    Some were on this earth.
    So hears my problem-

    I live in a rual part of tn where chickens (and any other farm animal in fact) are aloud no doubt. I live in unincorporated land and that alows chickens and so does my county. The problem is the neighborhood I live in. It's a surburban neighborhood with a home owners association and my house is in a so called fish bowl lot. The rules never say that you can't own chickens but, I have heard some things that live stock animal are not aloud. So why would I ever consider getting chickens in this kind of neighborhood? Well it's not that bad if you take a closer look at where and how my neighborhood is. First- My neighborhood has two cow farms on two sides,a strip of land no more then 100 feet and then a horse farm. Then the rest of the sides are lind with corn fields. Second- You can hear chickens from my neighborhood. But to cut to the chase should I ask my HOA if chickens are aloud? Ask just my next store neighbors only(i have 6,luckily my family is on good terms with all of them except one who are moving[​IMG]) Or should I just keep it all a secret and do my best to stay low. Below is a list comparing things that chickens will relate to other stuff in my neighborhood.

    Chickens Stuff in my neighborhood

    Run maybe 80% of yards have a fenced in part of their yard

    Feeder don't get me started on all the bird,cat and dog feeders

    Waterers once again plenty of bird baths,cat and dog water bowls.

    Coop plenty of sheds play houses and dog houses

    Smell cows,gardens,fruit trees,horses

    Noise again cows,other chickens,dogs,tons of birds and other loud noises

    One more thing I forgot to mention is I have a rabbit hutch in my yard and so far everybody could care less.Also I read in a book that chickens can be live stock or considered pets. It said one definition of a pet is something you keep for pleasure or companionship,my chickens will fall into the latter.
    So once again what should I do?(If you need more details please ask.) All help is aprciated,thanks!
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    Apr 25, 2016
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    Personally I wougld ask the HOA.
    That way you don't loose your birds later if they find out and disapprove.
    Or face a fine or whatever they do if in violation of your HOA contract.

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    If they have cows or horses and you already have rabbits which are definitely live stock, I'd say get chicken
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    Mar 20, 2016
    Some were on this earth.
    Sorry i didn't get to respond earlier,but i just wanted to point out that no has horses or cows in my nieghborhood their just around it but their are like on the very border, aka many of the houses in it have a cow field behind them, but i do have a bunny.
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    Either ask the hoa or ask for a copy of the ordinances. You should have one if you bought in that neighborhood anyway. Hopefully this isn't one of those hoas that measures the length of your lawn and your shade of paint color.

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