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Apr 7, 2007
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Hi, I'm not sure what topic to put this in but I wanted to ask...I need to mail some fertile eggs and need to know if I'm supposed to tell the post office that it's eggs in the box or not. I don't want them to be x-rayed but if I tell them,,,not sure they would ship them since it is perishable...? I mailed some a year ago and have forgotten how I did it! I know I'm sending them priority mail...any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Julie


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Apr 17, 2008
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And don't get upset if they arrive in less than perfect condition. Even the best packers suffer post office losses.

Good luck!!

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Apr 3, 2008
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Should she even write fragile on the box? I believe if it has anything written like that they still play kickball with the boxes.

IMO I wouldn't write anything on the box. I bought eggs from a lady on here and when I got the box over 1/2 the eggs were cracked and the others were no good after a few days in the bator.


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Apr 7, 2007
Memphis, TN
Well, a year ago,,,I shipped eggs and I have also received lots of eggs myself. Some packed well,,,others not! I was amazed as how some eggs arrived at my house. I've had people hardly pack them well at all as though they were shipping a pair of shoes. Sad!! I have found,,for me,,,the best ones that I received were individually bubble wrapped then placed in an egg carton then wrap the egg carton in bubble then place in peanuts or more bubble until the egg carton can in no way shape or form move even a budge. The only way to break the eggs is if someone places a heavy object on top the box which of course can happen. I also had one lady bubble wrap her eggs then place the eggs into more bubble without the egg carton at all,,,then place the eggs in wadded up packing paper until soooooo tight the eggs can not move at all. It took tons of paper though.
One person sent me eggs simply placed in an egg carton then into a box with a few peanuts. Needless to say,,,big disaster. I think one egg survived but had so much yolk on it's shell,,,I considered it ruined. If you are going through the trouble of shipping eggs,,,,why not do it right? Treat it as though you are shipping a piece of blown glass. Always if you can,,,wrap them in bubble then more bubble place them in some sort of small box,,,then add more bubble around that box and then peanuts to where you have a box in a box that can't move and is hard for post office to damage. This is what has worked best for me. A box in a box in tons of bubble wrap!
I just couldn't remember if I was supposed to tell them it's perishable or not. I'm going with NO I think,,,also did not tell them it's eggs. We'll see what happens
Thanks you guys, Julie

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Hi! I mark my boxes Fragile! Perishable!
Anyone who has gotten eggs from me recently will recognize this:

I usually write all this on the box, but today I decided 'why not just print it from the computer?':

I agree, wrapping and packaging is the key to getting eggs from Point A to Point B in hatchable condition --- regardless of what is on the outside of the box.



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Oct 22, 2007
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I usually don't mark my boxes at all. I just mailed one and she requested that I mark the box...fragile----hatching eggs. We'll see in a couple of days how they faired during shipping!


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Mar 3, 2008
I don't mark mine with anything that says that it's eggs... I put a FRAGILE sticker on it, and I have small labels that say "do not crush, drop, etc" on it that I put on all sides of the box, but that's it. So far so good.

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