to many eggs


Obsessed with Peafowl
12 Years
Dec 22, 2009
Northwest Ohio
Well i am getting a ton of pekin duck eggs now. i was going to start to sell them, but wasnt sure how much there going for.

What are all the nice people on BYC selling a dozen duck eggs for?
I am in Ohio, i know location makes a difference.

Brickman House

10 Years
Feb 24, 2009
We sell ours 3 for $1.00. We sell our chicken eggs by the dozen, but don't find we have much demand for duck eggs by the dozen. Around here, most people have never had them, so they're a hard sell to begin with. We generally convince people to try them for baking, and once they do, they're hooked. So they buy them by the trio or half dozen to use in baking projects, but that's about it. It doesn't really translate to them buying by the dozen to use for other purposes.

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