To Moult or Not...that is the Question

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by 2DogsFarm, Oct 1, 2010.

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    Of my 5 hens, the Houdan did a fast full moult just after she stopped being broody at the end of August.
    I swear she dropped 90% of her feathers & regrew them in a week!
    The Good News is she regrew her topknot that had been pecked out over last Winter by her flockmates.
    Interestingly, her new coat has much more white in the mottling - I had read this happens as they age, called "becoming gayer" [​IMG]

    About a week ago one of my Delawares began a slow moult - she looks like heck but is covered with new quills.

    The others - another Delaware & 2 Black Stars - do not seem to be moulting at all.

    Can I expect a Feather Explosion from the 3 holdouts anytime soon?

    Egg production is down to 2-3/day - Houdan has not started laying again & I suspect the baldy Delaware has stopped as well.

    If I have to buy eggs I am gonna be one Unhappy Camper [​IMG]
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    They may not molt at all - or they could only partially molt.

    Most of mine are molting now - but they have only lost a few feathers by their tails.

    No one can really predict the timing or severity of a molt. Just have to play it by ear.

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