to net or not to net........... thats my question


10 Years
Aug 31, 2009
I had a mishap this morning. I was getting ready to clean out brooder ,half asleep probably muttering why me.......... I started to remove each chick to be placed in their holder box and one ,the laid back one no less, decided she was not going to cooperate. She slipped out of my hand and "flew" to concrete floor in garage. I am thank ful she landed on her feet.She is five weeks old and she looked at the big floor which gave me the timing to catch her as she stood real still probably wondering what the heck did she get herself into.......... I would like to know if anyone who raises the chicks as pets/egg layers do you use a net of some sort in the likely case that one slips away ?I do not want to use a net as an everyday tool however, do I need one as a backup? They will be in their coop soon and it will have 2 covered runs ,yet in cleanout , feeding,observation etc I do not want one to get away though I do not want to take a chance with a net if it can break a wing or injure bird in anyway.
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A fishing net works but they can and will get tangled up. Not worth the risk to me. I've found that when they get "out" they stop and get a look like "now what". I just step out of the way and they usually go right back into their run. Good Luck

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