To raise or not to raise? My coop that is.

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Apr 12, 2011
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Hello all. I am wondering if it would be a good idea to build our new coop up off the ground or not. All our previous coops have been walk in coops around 7 or 8 ' high and built on the ground. However, the bending over to clean them is getting tiresome now after almost 15 years of chicken keeping. So I am thinking of building my new one off the ground. What are the pros and cons? My previous coops have either had cement floors or a wood floor that is raised a few inches off the ground, so it is a cleaning issue and not a rodent problem that has me doing this research.

How hard is it to clean under a raised coop and how hard is it to clean out a raised coop? I would make doors on one side that open up the whole coop. My current experience consists of pine shavings in the coop that need raked out and changed periodically and for the past couple of years, we have had sand. The sand is nice, but it needs cleaned out regularly as well and we can't scrub down the coop unless we remove all the sand, which would be a horrendous task, so I am thinking about going back to the pine shavings and putting sand in the run only. I have poop trays with sweet PDZ and would do that in the new coop as well. Thanks for your thoughts.

I have done both the raised and on the ground coops. I much prefer the walk in coop.
1. you can have a larger structure
2. you don't have to rake under it which can be a pain in the back
3. hens cannot hide eggs or sit there when sick making you have to crawl under
4. you can get into it to really clean it if needed
5. you have more wall space for larger windows

That's my thoughts on it,


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