To re-worm or not to re-worm


8 Years
Sep 20, 2014
Denver, CO
That is the question...

After much research and help (thank you casportpony!) I narrowed down a seemingly random list of symptoms to gapeworm. Immediately after the five day treatment I saw little improvement, but held off on re-treatment. It has now been 10 days since their last dosage, and the hen that had lost her voice is completely healed. Yippee!:weee

We do, however, still have one hen ( or maybe two) who's poops are questionable. Mostly normal… But at least one per day that looks like this:

I have read that gapeworm is either rare in backyard flocks or extremely common (depending on the resource). Considering that they have had almost unlimited access to earthworms and other carriers, I'm confident that this was/is the problem. One thing that resources tend to agree on is that gapeworm is difficult to treat. So… Should I go ahead and give another five day dose to play it safe? Or less? Or none?
PS: this is the only remaining symptom. All hens have full crops at night and empty in the morning.

Combs and wattles are beautiful, no signs of exterior parasites, breathing is a-okay. Except for two hens in a molt, their feathers look beautiful. Their energy is staggering… It feels like I'm taking care of five toddlers! Wink wink

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