To separate or not to separate


Jul 16, 2017
La Crosse, WI
Hey all,
Currently I have three bantams. I will be heading down soon to get some more bantams and large fowl. Should I separate them? The reason I would is because right now, one of my bantams can fly over my run. So I could a) fence in the top of the run, it is 8 feet tall, we do not have a problem with hawks as there are big bushes that kind of cover the top of it, yet my bantam can still fly out, or b) section my coop off and build a small moveable pen so they can ’free range’. I’m leaning towards sectioning off, because standing up there is a lot of work, but I also don’t know how I’m going to build a door if I section it off. The bantams would be in the moveable run and the coop, and my standards in the regular run as they cannot fly it. Ideas?

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