To set or not to set...


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Feb 29, 2008
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I bought a dozen Polish eggs from one of the BYC members that I had expected to receive just in time to set with my other eggs. The day came when they were supposed to arrive and no eggs. A few days later and still no eggs so I went ahead and set mine. I tried contacting the seller a few times with no response so I filed a dispute through PayPal asking for a refund from the seller (or even a later shipment would have been fine) since now my incubator is in use. Well the seller decide to ship the eggs. When I opened the box I was not surprised to find that 6 of the 12 were busted especially since the box was not marked fragile in any way. Any how I have let the 6 eggs sit and when I candled them this morning there is air moving around in the egg. Is this normal or would it be a waste of time for me to set them?

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Jan 11, 2007
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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with shipped eggs. Did you get a refund?

I've never been able to hatch an egg that has a wobbly air cell but maybe someone else here has

There is nothing to lose by setting them since they are there.
Good luck!

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