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Oct 20, 2008
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Finally the long awaited day is here and it's time to put my 14 wiggley eggs in the hatcher. Here's the rundown of the bunch, and I'll update the numbers hatched as I go.
The hatcher is running and syncing with a jar of water.

3 Black Copper Maran -

1 Cuckoo Maran - 1 hatched!

3 Serama posbl frizzled or silky -

3 Blue EE -

4 EE/Buff Orp - 2 hatched!

I have been using a homemade bator crafted from an Omaha Steak box. I've had many successful hatches with this bator. Just this past Christmas, I sent my mom some more Omaha Steaks (for the box teehee) and I made another to use for a hatcher. The build is the same, however the hatcher box has no fan inside of it where my Bator does. Will this pose a problem? I'm so excited that so many of the eggs have made it this far. I've got time if I really should put a fan in the hatcher.

Update! Two out so far!

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Congrats! I am dying to know the answer to this question as well! I incubate in a Brinsea Eco 20 and yesterday I made an impulse buy (the LG still air was on sale at Tractor Supply) with the intention of having a separate hatcher. I'll be following this thread to see how your hatch goes and what other people do! Best of luck
I would add the fan if I were you. I recently added a fan to both my incubator and hatcher, and the circulating air has made a HUGE difference in temps and humidity, as well as how much easier they are to control. Just my .02...

Good luck on your hatch!

BTW, do you have pics of your box incubator/hatcher? I would love to know how you built these
Here's what I have so far. The incubator is an Omaha Steak box with a window cut out on the lid and filled with a picture frame glass. Inside is a hot water heater thermostat, a 25 watt bulb installed with a lamp kit which is wired to the thermostat and a pc fan that I have wired to an old cell phone charger plug. I basically used the plans for the chic chick bator that you can find via search.

Good morning
Tomorrow is the actual due date for these chickies. I took the eight staggered eggs and put them in the hatcher without the fan, and left the ones to hatch this weekend in the bator with the fan. No rocking yet, at least none I've seen, but I think I heard some faint peeping from them last night. I took them out of the carton and laid them on their sides before lockdown.
I don't usually do that, but I have serama eggs in there, and I wanted to have plenty of room for all 14 eggs and I needed to section off those bitty ones.

And tomorrow when they're due to hatch, I'm supposed to go out with my daughter to shop for wedding cake!
My mind will completely be you know where...
I'm hoping to go home from work this afternoon to at least a pip!

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