to tractor or not to tractor?


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Mar 6, 2010
I have an acre, with a contained 1/8 acre i can allow for free ranging. Im thinking of building a tractor for my 4 birds who are yet outside, hoping to make their average day a little better by the moving their coop. Only on weekends when I'm home during the day will they have the 1/8 open air acre to run free in. Is the 1/8th enough to build a permanent coop with a small 8x4 run for during the week? or should i build a tractor for more mid week roaming?
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I tell you I have a coop and run and tractors.. I prefer the tractors.. That way they receive fresh grass everyday and dont have to walk/scratch in their own poo..
I like tractors.

If I'm home where I can keep an eye on things I can let them out to free-range. If I can't keep an eye on them then I just move the tractor so that they've got fress grass while still being protected from predators.

I chose a tractor I live on .25 an acre in the city and will let the free range on the weekend too but while I'm at work they'll have fresh grass and be protected like Alan said.

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